The Future of Keynote Speaking


Power of 3 Keynotes and Presentations

We want to take public speaking in a new direction.  Clearer messages, customized presentations and audience engagement are the foundations of our work.   

Why Power of 3?

Our goal is to provide a fresh approach to keynotes and public speaking that enhances and adds value to conferences, events and presentations.  We provide a broader perspective of a given topic and respectfully challenge our audiences.  We value our audience's time with presentations containing shorter talks and 3 messages supporting a central idea. We operate on the ideas that "less is more" and "more is more".  Our speakers are passionate about their ideas and subjects and strive to connect with every audience member.

Complementary Services

In addition to 3notes and presentations, we have speakers available for single talks, event emcees and specialty speeches.  As a group we have diverse stage skills and experience so if you don't see what you want - ask.  We can also co-ordinate customized event speaking to meet your needs.



  Power of 3 Keynotes, or 3notes, typically consist of an emcee and three speakers whose topics closely relate to the overall theme of the conference, meeting or event. Our consultation with event organizers is the key to matching speakers with the audience needs. 3notes normally last only an hour because speakers present their ideas and content efficiently and effectively. Speakers are available afterwards to meet with audience and break-out sessions and workshops can be added.

Individual Talks

If you need a speaker for an event for a talk or presentation, but not a keynote, we can help.  Our speakers are available to speak on a wide variety of topics including health and wellness, design, technology, human interest, inspiration and think pieces.

Specialty Presentations

Do you need someone to entertain, lead a workshop or emcee an event?  We have a network of speakers and performers with talents and experience in areas as diverse as emceeing, improvisation, storytelling, stand-up comedy, and more.

Our Speakers

Noel Bentley


Noel is an award-winning speaker, storyteller, comedian, and emcee who specializes in educational and humourous presentations. His creative approach guarantees that his audiences will experience something fresh, entertaining and memorable. Power of 3 Speaking is his vision of what public speaking can become.

Janet Law


Janet Law is a Vancouverite with a diverse background in education and the creative arts. She facilitated support groups  and gives weekly seminars on the mind/body connection at The Unity Spiritual Center.  She produced and hosted a weekly television show on DCTV entitled “Spotlight”. Janet also recently presented her TEDx talk "A Forest Full Of Cures - Trees, Disease & Medicine We Receive”

Roy Campbell


Roy Campbell is an Inspirational Speaker, TEDx presenter, Youth Worker, and an ex-professional Rugby Player.  He was nominated for the “Courage to Come Back Award" for his amazing recovery from a devastating injury. His commanding stage presence enhances the positive human connections he makes with his audiences.   

Bob Milliken


Bob is the founder of Naughty Marketer Productions and serves as the Digital Marketing Strategist. Bob is a regular speaker to business groups and an organizer of Surrey Business Networking . Bob is a published author, the creator of several eBooks, and his articles appear regularly in newspapers and trade journals. After a long and successful career in the I.T. industry, Bob has discovered his true passion for helping others do amazing things with their marketing.

Michele Partridge


Michele is an award-winning business owner, acting instructor and public speaker. She founded The Drama Class, a thriving hub of performing arts instruction and performance for actors of all ages. Michele is a sought after emcee who has hosted several events, including White Rock City's Canada Day celebrations, TEDx in White Rock, The Healthy Family Expo to name just a few.  Michele has a wealth of knowledge and experience about being a business owner, our local film industry and a public speaker. For more information visit her website



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